How can you get children excited about understanding how technology works?


A collaboration between designer/technologist Stef Lewandowski, founder of Makeshift and primary school teacher Gavin Summerfield from Heber Primary School in London.

We are prototyping an inspirational box for schools that contains amazing gadgets, kits and tools to inspire children to learn about how technology works. 

Included with all of these futuristic things will be a set of lesson plans that help teachers to deliver the new computing curriculum, as well as ways to use the box to fit in with other areas of learning.

“The Awesome Box”

Initially, we coined the phrase "The Awesome Box" however — there are a couple of other people doing their own "awesome box" and we're not related. But it was the best way of describing the idea so far and the name stuck. We have now settled on "The Future Box" as it was suggested by one of the pupils.

Clore Prize-winners

This first phase of the project is being funded by the Clore Duffield Foundation with an award of £50,000, with all funds being managed by Heber School. We're trying to make those funds stretch as far as we can in this prototyping phase.




Stef and Gavin got together and started this project and we're now looking for partners to help make it happen. If you'd like to be involved, drop us a line!


Stef Lewandowski
Designer  / technologist,


Gavin Summerfield
Computing Teacher,
Heber School


Get in touch if you'd like to be involved!


Thanks for the encouragement


Thanks to the following people for kind words, encouragement and saying "yes, you should do that"!

Tara Lemmey, Lens Ventures 

Alice Taylor, Makie Lab

Katy Beale, Caper

Clare Sutcliffe, Code Club

Tony Fish & Andrew Gregson, Fablab London

Jan & Joe Lewandowski — the original awesome boxers!


With financial support from the Clore Duffield Foundation’s Clore Prize


A box full of the future


We've been researching educational gadgets, laser cutters, projectors, microscopes, and all manner of robots. We're currently seeking samples of products that could be included that we can use in our prototype, test them in the classroom and produce lesson plans for using them to teach the curriculum.

Right now here is a taster of some of the "awesome" devices, kits and tools that we'd hope to include in our awesome box of future technology!

Should it go in the box?

Is it awesome — could you imagine a child saying "wow that's awesome" when they see it for the first time?

Is it hackable — can you plug it into something else and change the way it behaves?

Is it educational — can you see ways to use it for teaching?

Inspiration for the prototype


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